Managing the commercial fisheries off the coast of Alaska requires a deep understanding of the ecosystem and a wealth of science go into the decision making process. The Alaska Pollock industry is a case study in this precautionary approach to the long-term health of our oceans – and the current concepts of Ecosystem Based Fishery Management.


The Alaska fishing industry, with the help of environmental groups, net manufacturers, scientists, and regulators, is pioneering some of the most advanced fishing gear in the world. These advancements have substantially reduced bycatch and fishing gear impacts on habitat. This video discusses some of the research that has been done – and continues to happen today.


Dutch Harbor, in the City of Unalaska, is a world leader in sustainable fisheries management, the number one fishing port in the United States, and looms large in the public imagination. It is a relatively small community in a remote area, where the currents of the Bering Sea collide with the North Pacific, that boasts huge support of it’s local fishermen. Dutch Harbor and the City of Unalaska are integral community members of Marine Conservation Alliance.