The relationship between the North Pacific fisheries and marine mammals, corals, and seabirds of Alaska is complex, and successful management requires a careful balancing of ecosystem, fishery, and community needs. With a long history of involvement, Marine Conservation Alliance’s Board and staff actively monitor fisheries issues that threaten/affect these relationships and needs, especially those involving ocean policy and sustainable fisheries management.

Whether at the international, national, state, or local level, MCA seeks to provide proactive and meaningful input on current fisheries issues in hopes of supporting sustainable fisheries which help feed the world. We do this by commenting on policy documents and proposed legislation and regulations, actively participating in regulatory processes such as the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, and through outreach, education, and research. All of this is done while working to minimize adverse economic and community impacts.

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Some initiatives MCA is currently monitoring (that fall under three main categories), include:

Marine Ecosystems

Bering Sea Canyons

Deep Sea Corals

Essential Fish Habitat

Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management

Policy and Law

Risk Management & Catch Limits

Magnuson-Stevens Act Reauthorization

Original Science

Pacific Halibut

Bering Sea Canyons