Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Ruling viewed as victory for open and transparent fishery management process. The Marine Conservation Alliance (MCA) applauds a judge’s ruling in the Steller Sea Lion lawsuit this week as a victory for those seeking a more open decision-making process in application of the Endangered Species Act. In his ruling Thursday, U.S. District Judge Timothy Burgess […]

Today, the Bering Sea pollock industry took action to reduce chum salmon bycatch. Through the use of the Inter-cooperative Salmon Agreement, the pollock fishery has agreed to allow SeaState to close an additional 1,000 square nautical miles of fishing grounds to reduce encounters with chum salmon, bringing the total area allowed for closure to 5,000 […]

“The seafood industry is one of the few that brings significant new money into the state”, says MCA President Frank Kelty Juneau, Alaska – A new study shows that Alaska’s seafood industry continues to be a national and global leader in the development of sustainable commercial fisheries. The most significant findings for Alaska state policy […]

“Our precautionary approach to fishery management continues to provide sustainable seafood to millions,” said MCA President Frank Kelty. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council (“NPFMC”) has unanimously approved its recommendations for the 2011 Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (“BSAI”) groundfish total allowable catch (TAC) limits.  For 2011, the pollock and pacific cod catch limits are […]

The Marine Conservation Alliance (MCA), a coalition of harvesters, processors and communities involved in the Alaska groundfish and crab fisheries, renewed its support today for scientifically set catch limits. As projected last year, Bering Sea pollock stocks are staging a rebound, following a two year downturn. Federal scientists have determined that the overall biomass of […]

Juneau, Alaska – Social media is kind of cool. It’s often chaotic, confusing and complex. But for the seafood industry – which depends on access to public resources and therefore public and political goodwill – it’s vital to understand how to use social media tools effectively.  This year the Marine Conservation Alliance is bringing together […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE In the first survey since 2005, the number of Steller sea lion (SSL) pups counted on rookery trend sites increased roughly 10% throughout the US range of the endangered western segment of the population. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) reported preliminary results from surveys conducted this summer to count SSL pups […]

The Marine Conservation Alliance (MCA), an association of fishermen, processors and communities involved in the groundfish and crab fisheries off Alaska, said it fully supports action today by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) to close all commercial fishing in waters north of the Bering Strait until a management plan is fully developed. “Climate […]

Alaska’s seafood industry is global in stature and has a $5.8-billion economic impact on the state and local economies. That’s the conclusion of the report The Seafood Industry in Alaska’s Economy, prepared by Northern Economics of Anchorage and commissioned by the Marine Conservation Alliance, At-sea Processors Association and the Pacific Seafood Processors Association. “Alaska’s seafood […]

The Marine Conservation Alliance (MCA), a coalition of harvesters, processors and communities involved in the Alaska Groundfish and crab fisheries, urged the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to adopt the recommendation of its scientific advisors in setting the total allowable catch of Bering Sea pollock in 2009. The Council’s Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) today […]